I grew up in St. Andrews and after brief sojourns in Glasgow, Barcelona and other parts of Fife, I now live in Dundee with my wife, Kathleen.  Now retired after a lifetime in education, I spend much of my time campaigning for Independence for Scotland and Justice in Palestine, helping to look after my three grandsons, following FC Barcelona and exploring old and new interests – needlework/stitching, reading, opera, ballet and going to the cinema and the local theatres.  These other interests are covered in my other blog – The Bargellist

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  1. Deborah Hubbard

    I’ve been not seeing any movement on your Bargellist blog for a long time, and since I find it hard to believe that you’ve got bored with all the lovely things you’ve been impressing us with, I must assume that Brexit is taking up too much of your time!

    I do hope you have a pleasant and relaxing festive season, and that 2019 will be the very best it can be.

    Best wishes

    Deborah Hubbard
    Pretoria, South Africa, where the temperature is in the middle to low 30s, rendering needlework more of a punishment than a joy!

    • Thanks for keeping in touch. I am still busy with embroidery, but as you have noticed I don’t blog much. I now have an instagram account where I put up photos of all my work – @rutherfordalister if you want to look it up. Brexit, wow! A complete mess, who knew the UK could be so mad. Not much I can do about it alas. Hope for a quick move to independence for Scotland and get us out of the madhouse.

      It’s a bit cold here, but nothing too bad. Hope you too have a lovely time over the festive season.

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