A glimpse of normalcy

Back to the world of blogging after a short break which included a lovely holiday in England, the Cotswolds to be precise.  And what a lovely place to be! Apart from the sights to see and the friendly people, one of the great surprises was the complete silence about Scottish independence. This is something I have written about before, here, and it was good to have it confirmed in person. Throughout our week in England I found absolutely nothing in the newspapers or on the TV news about our referendum. What a refreshing experience. There were no scare stories, no disasters awaiting. Perhaps surprisingly there wasn’t even any lovebombing. The reality seems to be that the vast majority of people in England are just not interested in or bothered about Scottish independence. The reshuffle, the heatwave and sport took up just about all the coverage.

It was in a way, a glimpse of what life will be like in an independent Scotland. We will once again become a “normal” country. Just like all the other 50 or so countries in Europe. The constitutional question will have been settled and our focus will return to the key political issues – the economy, taxes, welfare, the health service etc. And of course in all these areas the choices and decisions will be ours. We will no longer be dependent on what the good people of England decide.

There is now just under two months to go till Referendum Day. In Scotland we can expect that the independence question will continue to dominate the media and the airwaves. Most of the facts, to the extent that there are facts, are now out in the public domain. Not that our pro Unionist media has ever made any attempt to inform people of these “facts”. No doubt we will continue to get more unbalanced reporting on these “facts”. What I wonder does the No campaign still have up its sleeve for the last two months? More scare stories? More lovebombing? I cannot imagine it will get any nicer or better. We just have to continue to get out there and carry on with the leafletting and canvassing.

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