They love us, they love us not?

I keep getting confused by the messages from the No campaign. At times their spokespeople emphasise how much they love us. The UK is apparently one great big happy family! A family of nations in which we all happily pool and share resources. Then we must not forget the love bombing in which the great and the good of the rest of the UK tell us how wonderful we are.  Scotland on this account is the best thing since sliced cheese! Why even the Pope and the Americans all want us to stay in the UK.

Alas for the No campaign this love and kindness seems to be just skin deep. Otherwise how can we explain why Unionists spend so much time threatening us with doom and gloom if we dared to vote for independence? We are in fact, according to these Unionists who profess to love us so much, threatened with outright hostility if we become independent. We will lose the pound, border posts will be erected, access to medical research will be lost, we will be unceremoniously ejected from the EU, and to cap it all we will no longer be able to watch our favourite BBC TV programmes!  Ouch!

It is all a bit confusing. One moment Westminster offers us security and protection, a caring elder brother who has our best interests at heart. Yet, almost in the same breath we are told that Westminster will play hardball with us, that they will do us no favours if we dared to leave their clutches.  In short the message seems to be that if we vote Yes, Westminster will be out to punish us.

Not exactly the behaviour one would expect from a caring family member. You support members of your family when they seek to start out on their own. Whatever they do, short of committing crimes, they remain part of your family and are never rejected.

It would be a service to all of us voting in the referendum if the No campaign were to come clean about where they really stand. Do they truly love and care for us? In which case we can confidently vote Yes, knowing that we will work together in the spirit of friendship and respect that characterises all good families. On the other hand if the rest of the UK really despises us and wants to hurt and punish us, then the sooner we vote Yes to get away from this hateful relationship the better.

So come on guys, tell us the truth. It can’t be that hard.

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