More patronising nonsense from Cameron

Another day, another lightning visit from David Cameron. And yet more empty promises along with the by now obligatory scaremongering. I will leave it to others to unpick the veracity or lack of, in Cameron’s alleged promise of more devolution after a No vote. The most obvious response of course is, if more devolution is such a good idea why not deliver it now? After all you are the Prime Minister with a clear overall majority at Westminster.

Instead I want to focus on the bit in his speech where he referred to the referendum as a major life decision. Which it clearly is. However Cameron rather gave the game away with his analogies. Here is what he said, “This referendum is a major life decision – and you don’t make one of those without getting all the information you can. You wouldn’t buy a house without getting a survey done. You wouldn’t choose a car without an MOT.”

This pathetic analogy only shows how little Cameron understands what is happening here. First of all we are trying to get all the information we can. It is patronising in the extreme to suggest we are not. It is even more patronising to infer that he, David Cameron is someone we should trust for information. It would really help enormously in this task, if all the main media outlets, including the BBC were not so irremediably biased and do not even attempt to provide a balanced coverage. It would also help if your government were to provide some real facts and information instead of just scaremongering. You could for example formally request the European Commission to report on the legal position if Scotland votes for independence. But no, much better to rely on the discredited Barroso to issue threats to Scots.

Secondly and if anything even more patronising, is the comparison of independence with buying a house or a car. Independence is not about buying something. How typical of a Tory to reduce the right to self determination to a monetary transaction. As someone once said, He knows the price of everything and the value of nothing! I have news for you Mr Cameron, we do not want to buy anything. To continue for the moment with the house analogy, Scotland already is our house and we already own it. We just want to be in full control over the future of our house. We’ve done the surveys and we are fully aware of just how resource rich our country is. And we are pretty determined that these resources will in future be used for the benefit and wellbeing of the people who live here, and not be wasted by Westminster on Trident, wars of aggression and propping up the City of London.

Mr Cameron continued on the theme of major life decisions with the following, which is both patronising and ignorant. “And you shouldn’t make a decision about changing your nation – forever – without knowing in full what the consequences may be.” I am not at all sure how you would go about changing your nation. Assuming that anyone would want to. It should not need pointing out, but as Mr Cameron seems to be rather ignorant on this matter, we must let him know that we don’t want to change our nation. I personally don’t think much in terms of nations, but to the extent that Scotland is both a country and a nation, then Scotland is our nation.

Certainly the UK is not a nation. It is a state, but it is not a nation. Otherwise why all the talk about the UK as a multi-national state?  Cameron, not for the first times seems a bit confused on this matter. Britain isn’t a nation, it is not even a state. Britain or Great Britain is part of the UK. The other bit is Northern Ireland. Memo to Mr Cameron, just think of the full name of the UK. It is a pity that Mr Cameron did not enlighten us on what the hell he meant with his reference to changing our nation. But enlightenment does not seem to be Mr Cameron’s strong point.

We do however want to change our state. In both senses of the word. We no longer want to be part of the UK state and instead want to live in an independent Scottish state. We also want to change the nature of that state. We want our Scotland to be a fairer, more equal and more democratic country with a sustainable economy which works for all of us. That’s the real change we want and that only independence can bring.

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