The North Koreans Are Coming!

12023068-E7F2-99DF-3CBCE4AD9D3FCD19_1But do not panic. Our great leader, David Cameron will protect us from those dastardly North Koreans and their nuclear weapon. They do have one don’t they? It was hard to imagine how anyone could outdo Tony Blair in the lying stakes, but David Cameron has done it and pretty comprehensively too. To hold up North Korea as a reason for the UK to hold on to our nuclear weapons is about as daft a justification as it is possible to make. North Korea does not possess any weapons that could reach the UK. There is also the small matter of just why North Korea would want to nuke us? Or why anyone would want to nuke us? I suppose invading and occupying other countries does provide some countries with a plausible reason for nuking us. But thankfully we have not invaded North Korea or any other country with nuclear weapons. Perhaps there is some connection here.

I was perhaps too generous to David Cameron when I suggested that using North Korea was about as daft a justification for the UK to hold on to our nuclear arsenal. For our great leader then came up with another really, really stupid justification. Namely that we do not know what threats may emerge in the years and decades to come. Now this is undoubtedly true – no-one can foretell the future. But if the future is likely to be as uncertain and as dangerous as David Cameron believes it to be and if the possession of nuclear weapons is really some use in protecting us against these unknown dangers, well, surely other countries would also benefit from having this extra protection that comes from having nuclear weapons. Unless of course what David Cameron really meant to say was that only the UK was in some danger and that non nuclear countries were OK. In which case why do we not give up our nuclear weapons? Not for the first time I am left most confused by the utterances of our great leader.

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